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How to make Matcha!

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Matcha is a precious green tea made from a shade-grown tea called Tencha. Only the tender part of the leaf is used and is ground to a powder with a millstone.

Because the leaves have been protected from the sun, this tea powder is distinctive for its beautiful deep green colour and its high levels of amino acids which give it a very sweet and tasty flavour. Traditionally used in the tea ceremony (Chanoyu), the creamy liquor of this green tea is a real concentration of benefits for body and mind.

Crisp and invigorating, matcha can also be used as a very original ingredient for making delicious cocktails, savoury dishes and unusual cakes.

To preserve the flavour, it is best to keep it in the refrigerator once opened.

To prepare matcha:

➥ Moisten the chasen to soften it. Pour hot water into a matcha bowl and discard the water.

➥ With a cha-shaku, put in two measures of matcha (about 2 g), or the equivalent of 1 teaspoon.

➥ Pour in the water, heated to 80 °C, and start beating very slowly, loosening the powder from the bottom. Then beat vigorously in an « M » shape without touching the bottom to make the infusion foam.

➥ When you have a thick foam, finish by beating gently to make it as fine and smooth as possible. Be sure to keep the elbow and the wrist very flexible: the movement should come from the shoulder.


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